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Health Center

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Susan Walters, RN--School Nurse

Kristen Ostrem, CFNP—Primary Care

Deb Vetterman, LPCC, LPAT—Behavioral Health

Linda Filippi, Ph.D.—Coordinator

SCHOOL NURSE:  847-2231 #2005

As the school nurse I strive to help meet the health needs of all our students. I am available at the elementary school, the middle school and the high school. Keeping all of our children healthy will create an environment in which our children are best able to learn. Remember to keep your child’s immunizations up to date.

Reminder: The State of New Mexico requires that all 7th graders need to have a TdaP immunization before they can enter 7th grade. 


Mission Statement:  The Mustang Health Center supports children and youth in achieving lifelong health and well-being by providing quality, accessible, primary care and mental health services.  We emphasize prevention and wellness, supporting the health of children and youth in the context of healthy families and community.


The Mustang Health Center offers primary care and behavioral health services to students and staff of Mountainair Public Schools.  Kristen Ostrem, CNFP is our primary care provider and Deb Vetterman, LPCC, LPAT is our behavioral health provider.  We work closely with the district’s school nurse and health educator.  We are a Level 1 center, offering 8 hours of primary care and 8 hours of behavioral health services each week.  Students and staff can make appointments for annual exams, care when they are sick, help with chronic illnesses, or stop by for information about such things as nutrition and exercise.  We do many lab tests at the Health Center, order additional outside lab tests if necessary, write prescriptions for medications, and make referrals to specialists.  Appointments can be made for individual or family counseling.  There are no out of pocket expenses for students and staff who use the Health Center services.  The Center is a collaborative effort of Mountainair Public Schools and the University of New Mexico College of Nursing and is funded by the Office of School and Adolescent Health, NMDOH.  


We have a strong and active School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) that serves as an advisory council to the Health Center and the school board.  The Mustang Health Center, in collaboration with the SHAC, sponsors an annual Health Promotion Dinner.  The SHAC has 8 student representatives and 12 non-student representatives, all of whom are voting members.  There is also general membership.  All votes require both student and non-student representation and a 75% consensus.  Believing that student’s voices are foundational to effective health programs we look to students for input, guidance and leadership.  In school year 2009-2010 the SHAC met with RSVP (Raising Student Voices Proudly) to talk about ways to collaborate on health issues of mutual concern.  We look forward to an on-going dialogue and working on joint projects.  SHAC meets at least 4 times a year.  Please consider joining us.


The district’s Wellness Policies support the schools in providing a safe and healthy environment for children and youth.  There are policies on: Family, Schools, and Community Involvement, Physical Activity, Nutrition, Health Education, Physical Education, Healthy & Safe Environment, Social & Emotional Well-Being, Health Services, and Staff Wellness.





Whereas, the health and well being of children depends on the health and well being of their families, their community, their schools, and systems of the natural world;

Whereas, people learn patterns for healthy living early in their lives;

Whereas, the social and emotional health and well-being of children is central and cannot be separated from their physical health and well-being; 

Whereas, children need access to fresh, healthful foods, opportunities to be physically active, and safe, nurturing and caring relationships in order to grow and thrive;

Whereas, good emotional and physical health fosters a student’s ability to learn effectively and achieve high standards in school;

Whereas, heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes are responsible for two-thirds of deaths in the United States, and major risk factors for these diseases include unhealthy eating habits, physical inactivity, and obesity; and that depression, stress and anxiety contribute to patterns of physical disease;

Whereas, fresh, seasonal, local, organically grown foods are a primary and recommended source of nutrition for growing children; and participation in farm-to-school programs supports local farms and ranches while providing children with high quality food;

Whereas, the social, emotional and physical health of teachers, administrators, parents and other members of the community serves as a model for student health,

Whereas, public school is an excellent place to nurture and preserve the diverse cultural food traditions of the United States through storytelling, cooking classes, ranching/agriculture/garden projects, and cafeteria meals;

Whereas, community participation is essential to the development and implementation of successful school wellness policies;

The Mountainair School District is committed to providing safe and healthy school environments and programs that promote and protect children’s health, well-being, and ability to learn as outlined in the following Wellness Policies.